Who We Are

How it all started...

Having spent 17 years in the UK working as a city professional, Samantha decided to return home to take over the management of her family’s coconut estate in Matale, Sri Lanka (handed down from her maternal grandfather). It was all about continuing family traditions and keeping a venture that employs many local people for two generations a continuous operation.

Ceylon Soap Company is located in the picturesque hills of the Central Province between two small villages with many young people looking for careers, and many mums looking for flexible ways to bolster their family incomes. We hope to be a sustainable local business that can help with both these needs and be a force for positive social enrichment, stopping people from having to move to the larger cities to earn a decent living. ​

Our Ethos

The ethos of The Ceylon Soap Company is to be a sustainable endeavour making products that are handmade, 100% natural, vegan, not tested on animals and as Sri Lankan as possible giving the end user a unique and luxury bathing experience. The manufacturing is kept simple with small batches to ensure that our processes are green and environmentally safe. The ingredients are sourced as locally as possible from our estate, Sri Lanka and Asia in order to keep our carbon footprint small.

Our Vision

For our products to help create a real reduction in worldwide single use plastic consumption. This will we believe in the long term reduce the manufacture of this type of plastic and thereby lead to more investment and research into finding more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to plastics. To see a world with cleaner oceans and landscapes and be a force that helps people to live more consciously without having to give up their enjoyment of luxuries. To have contributed in some way to help individuals build and live in a more sustainable world.

Our Mission

To be a force that helps the public/consumers to reduce/stop their use of single use plastic, by encouraging them to switch their bottles for bars. Our packaging is kept very basic and minimalistic and also 100% biodegradable and wherever possible already recycled at least once. We want to create personal care products that are earth friendly and sustainable and do not compromise on quality, luxury, comfort and indulgence that everyone desires. To always create truly handmade products in small batches to maintain standards and authenticity. To be 100% natural and as local as possible to create employment opportunities in our local communities and within Sri Lanka as a whole.

The Core People of Ceylon Soap Company

Meet the core members of the company...

Samantha Helm
Founder & CEO

Founded the business in 2018 and now oversees the day-to-day activities from manufacturing to delivery to managing the social media

Mitesh Parmar

Oversees the technical and financial aspects of the business
from building and maintaining the website to sales/stock figures analysis

Michael Helm

Responsible for promoting, marketing and logistics of products to various businesses and establishing good client to customer relations